calligraphy and watercolor heirlooms

Because your story is worth telling

— Lauren, client

"I had asked someone else to hand-letter my life verse for my office, and it just wasn't working out. 

Then I commissioned Ginny, and she brought her expertise. I loved it so much, I ordered two more custom pieces for each of my daughters! It's an original keepsake my daughters can take with them into their future.

Others admire and compliment her work, and I eagerly share her business card with them!
I highly recommend Ginny for her attention to detail and unique artist's eye!"

"well worth the reasonable price point!"


— sally, client

"I needed a very special  life event commemorated, and I had no doubts that I could trust Ginny based on what I'd heard from others and seen online.

Once we started the creative process, she was very open to collaborating, which I so appreciate as a client.
I gave her creative license as the professional, and Ginny made my heirloom better than what I had asked for! And she did it so quickly. What I love about VGD is that every custom piece is unique and handmade, so no two pieces are the same!"

better than I had imagined!"

"Ginny made my heirloom


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