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My Favorite Calligraphy Tools

So you’ve decided to learn calligraphy! Yay!! Maybe you have a wedding coming up and want to be able to create your own personal touches. Maybe you’d like to up your snail-mail game. Or maybe you just want to learn for the fun of it!

The hardest part about all of this is knowing where to start, right? With seemingly endless types of paper and calligraphy tool options for dayyyssss.

Girl, I get it.

Before you head into Michael’s and feel like a fish out of water (the sheer amount of options is totally overwhelming), check out this guide!

Through years of trial & error, I’ve compiled a list of my personal fav tools to help cut the guess work and give you a quick-reference guide to  everything you ACTUALLY need (hint: a pen pillow is cute, but not necessary to get started).

If you want to know which nib glides and won’t catch on paper fibers… or how to choose an ink that sits nicely on the paper instead of feathering or bleeding… or which paper is best if you’re planning to pair watercolor art with your calligraphy design… look no further!

No more hours of Googling, k? I hope THIS FREEBIE saves you time so you can be able to do what matters… practice calligraphy!!








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