You’re a classy one with big ideas about how to celebrate that significant life event, but you’ve also got all the crazy going on in your world. You’re likely sick of paper goods that all look the same and ready for some timeless heirlooms! Do you ever just need someone you can trust to bring this vision to life, marrying tradition with modern flare? 

Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!

That’s where I come in. 

 I’m here to preserve a piece of your story with bespoke heirloom calligraphy that will last

Mini Aussie pup on my lap and dip pen in my hand

To me, there’s no higher calling than speaking truth to the hearts of others, and nothing more precious than hearing, “Every day, I walk by your calligraphy framed in my home and feel at peace reading those words again.” 

I'll help you create more pause in your busy life, while sprinkling in a little artistic zest, without all the “blah” of one-size-fits all paper goods. I'll help you remember where you've been and show off your legacy with pride to everyone who walks into your space. With refined calligraphy skills and a natural eye for beauty, I’m the go-to calligrapher for hundreds of grateful clients. 

I’m Virginia Graham (but you can call me Ginny), and I serve people like you who value quality, love creative details, and are ready to stop the endless hours of Pinterest scrolling and cheap designs. 

"I was searching for someone to paint a verse that my husband I had claimed over our newborn daughter's life.
Picking Ginny was an easy choice. I love everything she creates!

I wasn't sure how much this special piece would cost, but it was well worth the investment!
She really listened to my vision and made it come to life! It's unique-  nothing you could purchase in just any store."

"I needed artistic renditions of a few quotes from my new book. Ginny's work captured exactly what I wanted to convey!
Her eye for design is truly incredible.

I wholeheartedly recommend VGD. Just take a look at any of her pieces and you'll see exactly what I mean."

easy choice"

 I'm proud to display on my website."

"Picking ginny was an

"Ginny produced artwork that

-lauren, client

-elizabeth, client



Rice Crispy Treats

David Taylor Graham 


We met on Instagram in 2016 (I slid into his DM’s...) and he drove 2,500 miles in 2 days across the US in a snowstorm to meet me. That showed his true love right from the start, but he hasn’t stopped showing up, pursuing, caring, supporting, and cheering me on since. Taylor is my best friend and the reason I took the leap of faith into my calligraphy dreams!

It all started when one of my best friends sent me the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. She had dogeared the recipe page for Rice Crispy Treats, and goodness gracious, that’s when my world changed. I made one batch of them and ate the entire thing by myself (not one of my proudest moments, but true nonetheless). It’s been love ever since! 

I love naps. No, I don’t think you understand. I could nap anytime, anywhere. 20 minute cap nap or 3 hour snooze, sign me up! My mom retells the story of me as a child, putting myself to bed before it was bedtime. What can I say? I need my beauty sleep! 

If you know me at all, you’re well aware that I have zero-chill when it comes to animals. Since I was a little tot, I’ve adored all kinds of creatures, big and small (being a dolphin trainer didn’t work out, so here I am!) Real talk: I'm obsessed with our Miniature American Shepherd, Bella. She's the best little office assistant!

bits and pieces of me

the desert sage

The story behind

A desert sage flower grows in the driest parts of the earth. Amidst what looks like desolation, the most beautiful, lush flower springs up out of the thirsty earth, bringing life and hope to the harshest spaces. 

Similarly, Desert Sage (the original name of my passion project-turned-small-business) bloomed during a season of loss and suffering in my own life. 

It began when my father and greatest influencer was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. He asked me to write down some Bible verses on 3x5 cards for him during hospitalization. The act of writing out scripture for him became a significant source of peace in my life. Fixing my mind on the hope Jesus promises us was the only sure way to lighten my depression, lift my heart and quiet my fears.

Those note cards are now precious to my family and I, and they will remain in our family forever. 

After experimenting with hand-lettering techniques for a bit, a calligraphy dip pen eventually found its way into my hand and hasn’t left since. Friends started asking me to write out their favorite quote or verse, which grew into bigger projects like wedding details, custom maps and all kinds of personal commissions. 

The inspiration for my work comes from my confidence in the power of Truth, and the belief that it’s our responsibility to surround ourselves and those we love with the truth about who we are before the world tells us.

So, enough of the one-size-fits-all paper goods with quippy sayings that will be thrown away tomorrow. You’re worth more than that.
Let’s love bigger and more creatively!

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